Great Futures Start Here

The Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club is proud to offer grants as part of the Arkansas Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, helping families stay together by empowering family leaders with job skills, resources and assistance.

Fort Smith public schools
  1. Albert Pike
  2. Ballman
  3. Barling
  4. Beard
  5. Belle Point
  6. Bonneville
  7. Carnall
  8. Cavanaugh
  9. Chaffin
  10. Cook
  11. Darby
  12. Euper Lane
  13. Fairview
  14. Future School
  15. Howard
  16. Kimmons
  17. Morrison
  18. Northside
  19. Ramsey
  20. Raymond Orr
  21. Southside
  22. Spradling
  23. Sunnymede
  24. Sutton
  25. Tilles
  26. Trusty
  27. Woods
Begins June 2021 • Ends May 2022
This grant is to cover the cost of enrollment into Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club. Click here for membership form.
Applicant club member must be an Arkansas resident and enrolled in an Arkansas school.
Applicants must submit a completed TANF Eligibility Form (3 pages), school consent form, and membership application form (unless already enrolled).