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Stand With U

Stand With U

Stand With U mentoring program provides Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club members with the opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance through meetings held once per week at the Club.

Volunteer mentors serve as positive role models and help enhance the childs self-esteem and confidence level. Meetings are held once a week between the mentor and mentored at the FSBGC. Child safety is a priority and a background check is required for all mentors.

The goal for the volunteer mentor is to build character and increase potential in the mentee. Whether its playing a computer game, shooting basketball, playing ping-pong or tackling a homework assignment, the mentor provides positive reinforcement and friendship.

The main focus of Stand With U is one-on-one mentoring, however once a month a group activity is conducted. Bowling, skating, area sporting events, movies, and much more. Special parties are held in December and May. These events are optional for participants.

Stand With U Coordinators

Tori Scherrey
Tori Scherry
Grant Needham
Grant Needham

TJ Guitar & Music Program

Since 2010, the Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club has partnered with the TJ Guitar program. Each year, the Club presents guitars to contest winners during the annual FSBGC Musicfest held in July at the Evans Boys & Girls Club. Guitars and pianos are made possible through an annual TJ Guitar fundraiser.

The TJ Guitar program supports music instruction at the clubs.

GUITAR LESSONS are provided free of charge for club members enrolled in the program. Lessons are conducted in the Spring, Summer, and Fall at Evans, Goldtrap, and Jeffrey Boys & Girls Club.
PIANO LESSONS are provided free of charge for club members enrolled in the program. Lessons are conducted year-round at the Stephens Boys & Girls Club.
MUSIC INSTRUCTION - Plans are being made to expand instruction to include lyricism (lyric writing) and songwriting.

guitar instruction TJ Guitar & Music Program
The primary goal of the FSBGC music program is to provide participants opportunities to expand their musical talents and knowledge.
For more information contact the FSBGC administrative office at (479) 782-7093

Daily Meals

'Free' nutritious meals are served daily at the Boys & Girls Club. The program is funded through the USDA child nutrition program. A local church, New Covenant International Christian Center, prepares the meals and deliver them to the club sites. During the summer breakfast and lunch are provided. During school days, after-school snacks and dinner are provided. For detailed information regarding serving times, contact your unit director.

Jason Morland presents the meals

Art Projects

For the past three years, the Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club has hosted the Southwest Regional Boys & Clubs of America Fine Arts Exhibit. More than 500 entries are submitted from 8 states. FSBGC members compete on a local level, with winning works submitted to the Regional competition. Categories include: Monochromatic Drawing, Pastels, Watercolor, Oil or Acrylic, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Collage, Sculpture and group project. For more information contact Jason Morland, FSBGC Director of Operations at (479) 414-2248.

Lion in Waiting

Elementary School Chess Tournament

The city-wide Elementary School Chess Tournament is held annually at the Evans Boys & Girls Club during the month of May. More that 135 students participate in the event. Emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, self-discipline and respect. For more information regarding the chess program, contact Tim Higgins, Evans Unit Director, at (479) 646-9519.

Chess Tournament

Computer Instruction

The FSBGC Cox Communication Computer Lab sponsored by Cox Communications uses the Microsoft Kudo Game Lab development environment to teach members the basics of computer game programming.

Kudo Game Lab

Summer Program

Clubs are open during the summer from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Summer Program begins first week in June and concludes the last week of July. The fee is $25. The 9-week Summer Program offers a variety of activities and events including 'free' breakfast & lunch, field trips, daily game room tournaments, guest speakers, PGA golf lessons, arts & crafts, technology, Marilyn Foster Poetry contest, MusicFest, Summer Olympics, girls softball, baseball, skating, swimming, and much more.

Creekmore Park swimming

Marilyn Foster Contests

Photography | Essay | Poetry
Marilyn Foster 2010 Photography Awards

Each year area children are encouraged to express their feelings and observations on a specific topic or area of discussion through photography, essay composition, and poetry. Winning entries are submitted to regional competitions with prizes and acknowledgments to be gained along the way.

The Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club has won regional contests many times, and has received honorable mentions at the national level.
Poetry Awards

Special Olympics

The Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club is a proud partner of Special Olympics. Three events are held at the Club during the school year. For more information regarding Special Olympics contact Monica McKinney (479) 650-2679.

Keystone Club

"Leaders On The Rise" Keystone Club meets at the Stephens unit under the direction of Roneka Grooms. This unique leadership development experience provides opportunities for young people ages 14 to 18. Teens participate in activites in and out of the club and focus on community service projects. Contact Roneka Grooms at (479) 782-6392.

College Scholarships Applications

Each year several college scholarships are awarded to club members who submit an application and meet certain requirements. These scholarships are presented by the Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club Alumni & Friends Association.

Scholarship Recipients 2020-2021

Applications are typically accepted
from January through March each year.

Requirements for applicants

  • Must have been a member or volunteer of the FSBGC for a minimum of two years
  • Applicants who are 18 years old or younger must have a current FSBGC membership card
  • Must rank in top 60% of graduating class
  • Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA
(implies previous recipient)
  • Must have retained a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Must carry at least 12 Credit Hours each semester

Important guidelines

It is important that all applicants understand these guidelines:
  • Scholarships are given based on:
    1. Financial need
    2. Club participation/volunteerism
    3. Academic achievement
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee you’ll receive a scholarship
  • You must include all requested materials, or your application will not be processed.
  • First-time applicants (only) will be interviewed by the scholarship committee.
  • Payment of scholarship is made during each semester to the school (not to individual).

Seven Sections

The applications has 7 sections:
  1. Applicant information
  2. Family information
  3. Financial disclosure
  4. Academic information
  5. Club Participation & Community Service information
  6. Essay #1 - College & Career Plans
  7. Essay #2 - "Why I should be selected"

All applications are considered confidencial.

Once submitted, all applications become the property of the Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club.


Submitting your application


Deadline for submission is

4:00 PM  April 1, 2022

  • You must include a recent color photo.
    3½x5 inches or 4x6 inches.
  • All forms must be filled out completely.
    Any item which does not apply to you must have the words "NOT APPLICABLE".
  • Missing or fraudulent information can be grounds for dismissal or rejection of the application.
Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club
ATTN: College Scholarship Application
  • 4905 North 'O' Street
  • Fort Smith, AR 72904

Download PDF application form

The application includes a "Frequently Asked Questions" coversheet and a list of current donars to the scholarship fund. These are for your information only, and do not need to be included in the application submission.



After School Shuttle Service

The Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club provides limited transportation to Club members after school. Because the Fort Smith public schools do not offer bus transportation for elementary students (except for special cases) many children cannot access the Club after-school. Through the program, the FSBGC van picks up students at their school and transports them to the Boys & Girls Club.

In 2008, the Club started a pilot program at Cavanaugh Elementary school, transporting 28 kids per day to the Evans unit. The shuttle program has expanded to 23 schools and four vans.
Shuttle Service

Children arrive at Jeffrey Boys & Girls Club

Parents are responsible for picking up their child from the club before closing time.

Current shuttle pick up sites:



Evans Cavanaugh, Beard, Carnall, Cook, Fairview, Orr, Ramsey
Goldtrap Barling, Euper Lane, Bonneville
Jeffrey Pike, Sutton, Ballman, Tilles, Spradling, Darby
Stephens Howard, Trusty, Spradling, Tilles, Morrison, Darby, Kimmons
Click here to visit Fort Smith Public School District website


Availability is first come first serve.

Registration Form

Parents must complete a registration form.


There is an $25 fee per semester.


All participants must have a current Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club membership card ($20).

Please note some Clubs have a waiting list.

The Boys & Girls Club plans to add more schools to the list once additional transportation vans become available.
Logo van wraps courtesy of United Federal Credit Union